Market Town Saturday Night

We broke the rule.
We knew the rule. We knew it very well. It was kind of hard not to know the rule since we wrote it ourselves.
It is a simple rule. A just a few words rule. An easy to understand, easy to implement rule.
It has become a cardinal rule. A hard and fast rule. An under-no-circumstances-will-this-be-broken-rule.
We broke the rule.

6 thoughts on “Market Town Saturday Night

  1. Melody

    You may have broke the rule, but you did get some great pictures! As always, thanks for sharing them

  2. Bob Mueller

    Good rule, good stories and pictures! What an adventure. I look forward to each one as they are all a delightful surprise –and enriching.

  3. Bill and Chris

    Sounds like you needed some of our fireworks from 4th of July to repel your boarders with.

    Love all lifes experiences…they make good stories.

    Chris Kitto

  4. Jacqueline McLaughlin

    First of all, I want to quote Pam Peters. “Well we live and learn, don’t we Hackneys” (I replaced my name with yours) That comment came just after the shower photo last year at SCF. But I thought it appropriate for the situation. By the way, a great rule!

    And second, I’m so glad the Mayor turned me on to your website. I remember (mostly) talking to Steph last year at the Mayors house about your adventures and travels. I think what you two are doing is absolutely awesome! Your travels, the website, the pictures and your stories. ( I will buy the coffee table version when you’re done with Vol.1)

    Thanks again for sharing and you both look great! We’ll miss you at SCF this year, but will have a toast in your honor. Take care.

    Jackie from L.A.

  5. Bob G

    I don’t know about the rest, but I think I’d’ve done without the bread. Shees! The dude gives me the creeps. Great fotos and great yarn. Keep ’em coming. Bob