232 Times


4 July 2008
It’s been exactly five years since I sent out my message titled “Independence Day.”  ( http://autopsis.com/2003/07/04/independence-day/ )
In the intervening 60 months, we learned a few lessons about our own independence, our freedom, mostly related to how precious it is, how much we prize it and how we consider it the most important attribute of our lives. In the same intervening 60 months we witnessed citizens of other countries of the world long for and dream of freedom, or cling to and prize what little freedom their governments offered. In contrast, in those same intervening 60 months, most Americans continued to take their freedom for granted, consistently showing by their words and actions that alternatives such as entertainment, materialism and celebrity worship rank much higher on their value scale than the freedom their country provides.
The rest of the story is here: www.hackneys.com/travel/docs/232times.pdf



3 thoughts on “232 Times

  1. Ralph Hillquist

    Well writ, Mr. Hackney. How now to get the message thru to those who can not see the forest for the trees? I am a member of Tau Beta Pi, a Mensan, and an engineer (we never retire) and currently a volunteer public servant. Try to explain the magnificence of living in the USA to a bunch of opinionated, know-nothings, well I’m too old for that.

  2. Dorothy Allen

    Doug and Stephanie – Thank you so much for your emails and your insight. I spent 7 of my first 21 years overseas as a military brat and have no doubt that we have the best place on earth to live in. I also see it possibly slipping away, and that is scary. I want the same wonderful place to live for my kids and grandkids. Thanks for speaking out. Hope it makes us all think. Take good care! Dorothy Allen