About Me

Douglas Hackney  dhackney@egltd.com
  • Technology, marketing and management consultant to some of the world’s largest and most successful companies (GE, Microsoft, etc.) as well as a wide variety of startups whose exits included merger and acquisition (M&A) and initial public offering (IPO).
  • Lecturer at the University of Texas at Austin, University of Minnesota, and University of Southern California (USC) graduate school Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs.
  • Award winning public speaker; writer; commercial photographer; live event, film and video director and producer.
  • Industry thought leader.
  • Industry award judge.
  • Seven years as contributing editor and monthly columnist.
  • Contributor to technical and mainstream publications.
  • Published author.
  • Entrepreneur business, career, and life coach.
  • Philanthropist.
  • Disaster relief volunteer.
  • Six-year sabbatical at age 47.
  • Traveled in six continents through 44 countries via foot, train, automobile, blue water sailboat, on- and off-road motorcycle, and overland expedition vehicle.
  • Traveled more than 15,000 miles / 24,140 kilometers off-road via motorcycle.
  • Completed a 2 year overland  expedition.

Shooting the ancient petroglyphs, Twyfelfontein, Namibia, November 2003

Shooting the ancient petroglyphs, Twyfelfontein, Namibia, November 2003


Douglas Hackney is a national book award winning author and periodical writer with over 100 magazine articles and columns to his credit.

Beginning as an award winning writer at age 13, he became a professional commercial photographer at age 16 and continued a media career that included lead acting roles in television commercials; modeling; and as an editor and director of film and video; stage manager; producer; executive producer and production manager.

Mr. Hackney then pursued the development of microcomputer technology, creating a computer graphics technology application and an accompanying market segment.

Mr. Hackney has designed and developed computer software and enterprise class computing environments.

His most recent chapter was participating in the creation of the information technology sub-segment of Business Intelligence (BI). In addition to building a segment leading BI consulting company, Enterprise Group, Ltd. Mr. Hackney has provided technology, marketing, and management consulting for a wide range of the world’s leading high technology companies.

As an industry leader, Mr. Hackney has often been quoted in Information Technology trade magazines such as Computerworld and general business publications such as Forbes, and  has participated in more than a score of  judging panels for industry awards.

Mr. Hackney’s writing and photography have appeared in a wide and eclectic assortment of books and periodicals including poetry collections, motorsports, public policy, information technology and business management. Mr. Hackney is currently researching several projects related to digital photography and adventure travel.

Mr. Hackney has served on corporate for- and non-profit boards of directors, including California Arts Advocates, the non-profit statewide Arts lobbying organization for America’s most populous state and the world’s seventh largest economy.

Mr. Hackney is a well known award winning public speaker and has keynoted and chaired industry conferences worldwide, lectured at leading MBA programs, and is well known for his communication skills and forward oriented insight.

Mr. Hackney holds no undergraduate or graduate degrees and was self-taught in each of his careers.

Mr. Hackney took a an extended sabbatical exploring the world, primarily in developing countries, from late 2003 – 2009.

Job List (born November 1956)
  • Circa 1965-69 – lawn mower – neighborhood, Adel, IA
  • Circa 1966 – floor sweeper – Iowa Power & Light, Adel, IA (first formal paying job)
  • Circa 1966 – 75 – farm laborer, family & neighbors’ farms, Newton (Amboy), IA
  • Circa 1969-70 to 71 – greenhouse worker (retail and wholesale) – Harvey’s Greenhouse, Adel, IA (first independently obtained formal job)
  • Circa 1970 – 74 – intermittent gas pumper/windshield cleaner/tire pressure checker, Harvey’s Uptown DX, Slater’s station next to the river bridge, can’t remember the brand, Adel, IA
  • 1973 (spring through summer) – bus boy, Des Moines Golf and Country Club, Des Moines, IA
  • 1973 (fall) – 74 (winter) – darkroom technician, contract high school event & large group photographer, commercial photographer – Camlin Photography, Des Moines, IA
  • 1974-75 winter – washdown (washed work area and all tools), part time job – Brown’s Butcher and Meat Locker, Adel, IA
  • 1975 (Jan – spring) – weld chipper, night shift, Economy Forms Corporation, Des Moines, IA
  • 1975 (spring – fall) – laborer, lawn mower, truck driver, sweeper, etc., City of Adel, Adel, IA
  • 1975 – 1976 (fall 75 – early summer 1976) – darkroom technician, animation camera operator, large & small format commercial photographer – The Big Apple Commercial Photography, Des Moines, IA
  • 1976-1977 (early summer 1976 to the wettest, coldest, darkest November known to man, 11/77) – laborer, bridge paver operator, finish grade trimmer operator, slip form paver operator, dozer operator, grader operator, truck driver, etc. – Iowa Road Builders, HQ Des Moines, IA, jobs all over IA
  • 1978 (Jan to spring) – food order filler, Super Value Warehouse, Urbandale, IA
  • 1978-1979 – large, medium & small format commercial photographer, AV programmer – Kuhn / Garmon Photography, Des Moines, IA
  • 1978-1979 – still and motion (film & video) on camera talent – various agencies, Des Moines, IA
  • 1979-1981 – production manager, AV, film & video producer & director – Associated Audio Visual, Evanston, IL
  • 1981 (spring to Nov.) – production manager, AV, film & video producer & director – New Orient Media, West Dundee, IL.
  • 1981 (Nov) – 1986 – owner, Douglas Hackney & Associates, AV, live event, film & video producer & director, Chicago, IL
  • Circa 1985 – (six month contract) manager, Arial Image, Inc., Chicago office, optical bench transfer of AV/slides to broadcast video, Chicago, IL
  • 1986 – 1989 – owner, founder & president, Digital Video, Inc., live event & video production full color, full motion computer graphics, Chicago, IL
  • 1989 – owner, founder & president, Auto Image, computer graphic composite sponsorship proposal graphics service, Gurnee, IL
  • 1989 – 1992 – owner, Douglas Hackney & Associates, data visualization, data modeling, economic analysis models, etc., Gurnee, IL
  • 1992 – present – owner, founder & president, Enterprise Group, Ltd. (EGL). EGL provides consulting services to clients seeking Business Intelligence systems, management consulting, entrepreneur mentoring, technology analysis, and investment opportunity evaluation.
    EGL has maintained office locations in Chicago, IL; Milwaukee, WI; Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN (Hudson, WI); Carlsbad, CA; Austin, TX: and Frankfurt, Germany. Clients and projects have been located worldwide across all industry and non-commercial segments. 
  • 1997 – author, Understanding and Implementing Successful Data Marts, Addison Wesley Publishing
  • 1994 – 2003 – industry thought leader, industry awards judge, worldwide
  • 1994 – present – keynote speaker, seminar and workshop presenter, worldwide
  • 1995 – 2003 – contributing editor and monthly columnist, Data Management Review; contributor to technical and mainstream publications, various
  • 1995 – 2003 – lecturer at University of Minnesota and University of Southern California (USC) graduate school Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs, Minneapolis, MN and Los Angeles, CA
  • 2008 – author, The Next Name
  • 2008 – author, How The World Works, 2009 IPPY national award winner
  • 2006 – 2009, senior editor at large, Overland Journal magazine
  • 2012 – 2013, CEO Crosstalk Systems, Inc.

Self-taught Skills, Abilities and Interests

  • Art – visual art, created and produced audio/visual art installations and productions, history of visual art, visits to major visual art museums worldwide
  • Astrophysics – universe / galaxy / solar system formation, large scale system mechanics, history of astrophysics
  • Auto mechanics – diagnosis and repair of all systems, engine disassembly & rebuilding, component replacement
  • Aviation – aviation history, aviation design, WWII military aircraft, piloted a B-17 (four engine WWII heavy bomber), commercial aircraft, airline operation, and systems
  • Bicycle repair – diagnosis and repair of all systems
  • Business management – serial entrepreneur, technology / marketing / business management consultant to some of the worlds largest / most successful / highest growth / successful exit companies
  • CAN – certified ISO-11783, message structure, message disassembly, network analysis
  • Cloud – certified architect; systems architecture, implementation, operation, optimization, resiliency, scaleability
  • Computer graphics – system design, system integration, system operation
  • Computer modeling – data access & analysis, economic modeling, profitability modeling, probability modeling
  • Computer programming – code disassembly, assembler, compilers, application level languages, macro languages, program development, program maintenance, program distribution
  • Consulting – client development, client needs analysis, situation assessment, resource requirements, solution recommendations, budget development, and project management
  • Contracts – creation, editing, development, negotiation, dispute settlement, litigation
  • Data – big data, data integration, near-real-time data, data analysis
  • Databases – structure, design, optimization, access & analysis, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, AWS Redshift
  • Electrical systems – household systems, commercial systems, low voltage systems, vehicle systems, marine systems, expedition vehicle systems
  • Electrical wiring – high and low voltage
  • Film & video direction – lighting techniques, camera capability / operation, talent management, outcome optimization
  • Film editing – system operation, editing techniques
  • Geopolitics – political science, American political history, European political history, The Great Game, Middle Eastern History
  • Health care – macro system ( U.S.) modeling, reimbursement systems, provider systems, indemnification systems, pharmaceutical research / development / testing / implementation systems, diagnostic imaging systems (ultrasound, CT, MR, X-Ray)
  • Heavy equipment operation – tractor, large commercial trucks, tractor / trailer, bulldozer, grader, etc.
  • High speed driving – oval and road course skills, advanced driving and racing schools
  • History – World history, American history, Middle Eastern History, Islamic History, South American History, European History, Chinese History
  • Home renovation – design, procurement, implementation, general contracting, subcontractor management, plumbing, electrical, sewer, framing, roofing, trim, cabinets, kitchen and laundry appliances, heating & cooling, water heater, fireplace, wood fired forced air furnace, chimneys, porches
  • Human Resources – recruitment, development, management, motivation, evaluation, termination, education/training
  • Industry leadership – created and developed industry segments, industry spokesperson (technical and mainstream media), thought leader, keynote speaker, industry awards judge
  • Internet of Things (IoT) – component design and implementation, firmware design, data integration
  • Large scale audio systems / PA / theatrical / live events – acoustic design, system design, system capabilities, system specification, system installation / labor requirements, system operation, system disassembly, system transport
  • Large scale lighting systems / theatrical / live events – lighting design, system design, system capabilities, system specification, system installation / labor requirements, system operation, system disassembly, system transport
  • Live events – producer; director; concept development; proposal development; budget development and management; stage manager; talent direction; design, install and operate all technical components of production including lights, sound, video, video projection, film, pyrotechnics, lasers, etc.
  • Microcomputers – system design, system integration, component design, system operation, microcomputer operating systems, operating system disassembly, and modification
  • Motorcycle – on- and off-road advanced skills, road racing license certified, >15,000 miles off-road, >40,000 miles overseas primarily in 3rd world / developing countries
  • Motorcycle mechanics – diagnosis and repair of all systems, component replacement
  • Network systems – distribution, routing, patch panels, etc.
  • Paving equipment operation – bridge deck paver, slip form paver, finish grade trimmer
  • Photography – small format, medium format, large format, lighting, black & white darkroom processes, color darkroom processes, process cameras, animation cameras
  • Public policy – negotiation, consensus building, formation, economics, legislation, and implementation 
  • Public speaker – >500 keynotes / speeches / presentations
  • Quantum Mechanics – history of physics, theory of relativity, quantum theory
  • Reading – read thousands of books, no real way to estimate the number – usually read 5-15 a week as a child; read thousands of magazines, no real way to estimate the number; read at least one newspaper every day for over >35 years
  • Religion – history of major religions, cultural manifestations of religion, religious wars, history of Christianity, history of Islam, Buddhist history and practice, contemporary practice & examples
  • Sailing – on- and off-shore navigation, weather prediction, passage making (crossing oceans), sailing systems operation and optimization, emergency first aid, radio protocol, knots, right of way rules, anchoring, docking, mooring, marine diesel engine diagnosis and repair, sail boat mechanical/electrical/electronic system diagnosis and repair
  • Server, mid-range and mainframe computers – system design, architecture, operation, administration, interface, and access
  • Sound engineering and editing – system design, system integration, system operation, editing techniques, engineering techniques
  • Stereo systems – system design, system capabilities, system interconnection, system operation, system optimization
  • Telematics – system design, system implementation, application design, near-real-time data, data integration
  • Talent – on camera photography, film and video talent; appeared in print ads & TV commercials
  • Telephone systems– distribution, switching, patch panels, etc.
  • Typography – manual type, automated type setters, layout, editing
  • Vehicle design – designed and built a global expedition vehicle in one year including design of all non-factory mechanical systems and design, procurement and installation of all electrical, electronic, water, waste, propane, lighting and recovery systems
  • Video editing – system design, system integration, system operation, editing techniques
  • Video production – producer, director, technical direction, engineering, camera operation, switcher operation, recording and playback equipment operation, distribution equipment operation
  • Voice talent – voice talent for live event, AV, film and video productions
  • Web – site design, site administration, HTML, javascript, WordPress
  • World travel – visited / explored  44 countries including study of the history and culture of most destinations
  • Writing – video and film script creation, editing and development; proposal creation, editing and development; published author, >100 published articles & columns, blogger