Criteria Model for Overland Expedition Vehicles

Model is located here:  

Intended use for the model: 

Document the general parameters, priorities and specific requirements for a proposed Overland Expedition Vehicle (OEV).
The model is intended to improve communication between potential OEV owners and their dreams, fabricators, subcontractors and manufacturers.

In practical use it can help potential OEV owners identity disparities between their stated priorities / requirements and the characteristics of available platforms / vehicles.

Used together with the OEV Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model a potential OEV owner can have a much better idea of the type of vehicle they require and what the total ownership experience will cost. 

To use the model:
   1. Download the model spreadsheet to your computer
   2. Open the model in XL
   3. Perform a File:Save As operation and change the name of the model to preserve the original version
   4. Enter your data into any cell that is colored green
   5. Perform periodical File:Save As operations as you load the model. It is a good idea to increment the file name as you progress, i.e. myOEV-criteria 01, myOEV-criteria 02, myOEV-criteria 03, etc.
   6. Save the final version of the model

To Print:
   7. Select File:Print