22 March 2008
This has been a week of firsts.
Some were invigorating, others interesting and a few downright spooky.

5 thoughts on “Firsts

  1. Tom & Marie

    Your glass and wire experience make the big rocks look good. On a positive note, big rocks make good road base – as long as they are not too big. The photos are great and much appreciated. The pics tell the story!
    Thanks from afar, Tom & Marie

  2. Mike Woods

    Doug, I love your (plural) posts!! Great pics and stories. Thanks for bringing your adventure to all of us in the land of 110v.


  3. Chuck Brown

    WOW! Wonderful photos. I’ve always loved the region. The wagon and the sky image will stay with me for quite a while.
    Good to hear you two are still doing well and having fun.

  4. Wendy Porter-Francis

    Doug and Stephanie,
    We are reading your stories and admiring your images – just haven’t taken the time to respond. Your stories make the curious want to read them and then be happy that they did. The images have been great storytelling and beautiful. I really love the one of the golden topped mountain range with reflection in the lake.

    Mark and I laughed so hard after reading the “propane” story. We can relate to that one, having gone on wild goose chases from the boat in Mexico. Going for propane, and checking in with the capitano del puerto was usually the “guys” thing after we came into a port with buddy boats. The ladies usually went in search of food. How Anthro 101 is that?

    Stay well, and we wish you enough!
    Wendy and Mark Francis

  5. Jimmy Sones

    First of all, thank you for sending us the posts.
    AND first of all I wish I was there with you……….
    live live live it up D&S