How Big is Big?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dear Nakeya,

We spent the last two days at Perito Mereno Glacier in Argentina.

The glacier was very, very big.

When I am around things that are big, I always have the question, “How big is big?”

When we looked through our camper window at the glacier we could not tell how big it was.


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7 thoughts on “How Big is Big?

  1. Jimmy Sones

    Das is wery wery beeek ! But why the name “Little Brown Puppy” afixed to such a wonder of nature?
    Das is da question…Yes?

  2. Scot & Shirley

    …this should be worked into a children’s book, like “IF You Give a Mouse a Cookie…”

    Never lose the ability to look at things like a child.

  3. Melody

    This was excellent! I’ll have to print this one out for some of my grand babies. 🙂

  4. john kretschmer

    Hey Doug,

    I always have that same feeling at sea. It seems so big that sometimes that you just can’t cope with it, and yet, your own private ocean only radiates about six visible miles from the center. I’ve loved reading about your travels. All the best to Steph.

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