The Duck

8 March 2008
We did our first bit of Ruta Cuarenta (Route 40) today. Surprisingly, a short section was paved, but more than a hundred miles was its normal washboard, dirt, gravel and rock.  



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2 thoughts on “The Duck

  1. George Siede

    I still have a fond memory of getting a ride in a duck while hitchhiking with my girlfriend in Italy back in 1974. At one point I dipped into my backpacker’s emergency kit for some duct tape to facilitate a repair when the latches holding the sunroof gave out at highway speeds and we were soon on our way again.

    As for dirt/gravel roads – I grew up in rural west coast Florida where, if you stayed on most roads long enough, they would turn to dirt (or sand). My first experience with driving at speeds above 100mph were on a long straight dirt road one night when I suddenly began to wonder just how fast my dad’s Pontiac Bonneville convertible would go (115mph). I have no experiences involving ditches or tow trucks.


  2. Jimmy Sones

    Hmmmmmmm…….a Baja 1000 prepped duck…..has anyone ever done this?
    Doug if you commit to finding one and to driving it …..I’ll wrench on it…….

    Oh no not again ! YEP !