Bad Roads

“Bad roads bring good people.” – Mama Espinoza.

That’s the most famous quote from the most famous woman of Baja California, a land of some pretty bad roads.

Ruta 40 (Route 40) in Argentina is a long, and in many places, at least by urban standards, bad road. By one measure it is 4,332 kilometers / 2,692 miles long, most of it across the steppes along the eastern flank of the Andes.


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8 thoughts on “Bad Roads

  1. Glen

    Routa 40, one of the few times that the earth could use some more asphalt. Before consulting and confirming with other riders, I refused to record events that occurred along that way–like literally being lifted by crosswinds and blown sideways. Now I know what it’s like to be a Styrofoam ball in a relentless desert breeze…

  2. Luann Kline (Whitten)

    These roads look kind of familiar-Main Street Adel sort of..j/k! Be well!

  3. Floyd

    Nice field repairs, but I was surprised to see a lack of bailing wire and gaffer tape used. Did like the innovative application of a ratchet strap, though!

  4. Wolf @ Bigfoot RV

    Hi Doug and Stephanie … I love reading about your adventures and seeing all the pictures you post from the far and remote places you are visiting … makes me want to pack up and go myself, but since I can’t do that right now, your stories are like the next best thing … please keep them coming. Travel safe!

    Wolf Ernst / Bigfoot Industries

  5. Jan

    Great pictures as always. I love the sub- artic tree picture. We are in Kona, HA. We just arrived today for one week.
    We wish we had you around to help us as we are planning a trip around Chile and Argentina early 09.
    Glad we met you in San Diego so we could follow your trip. Glad you helped the Isreli kids. We traveled around Israel a few years ago and had 2 Army Kids as guards on the bus with us for one month.
    Jan and Dennis