How The World Works wins 2009 IPPY Silver Medal

How The World Works, one of the books I wrote last year, won a 2009 IPPY silver medal.

There were 4,090 entrants for all categories in the awards. How The World Works tied for second place in its category, Juvenile-Teen-Young Adult (Y/A) Non-Fiction.

The awards ceremony is in New York City on 29 May. We haven’t decided if we’ll attend yet.

You can learn more about How The World Works here:

The IPPY awards press release is here:

The IPPY awards announcement and list of winners is here (HTWW is in category 23):

Since I doubt I’ll have the chance at the awards ceremony for an Academy Awards type opportunity to thank everyone in my life, beginning with my third grade teacher, Mrs. Neighbors, I’ll do it here:

Special thanks to:

  • My daughter, Amber, for making the request that led to this book.
  • My son, Adam, for encouraging me to fulfill that request.
  • My wife, Stephanie, for supporting and encouraging me throughout its creation.
  • My friend, Dennis Stajic, for his invaluable reviews of and feedback on the manuscript iterations.
  • And my grandfather, Clarence Hackney, from whom I learned much of the content.

19 thoughts on “How The World Works wins 2009 IPPY Silver Medal

  1. sissy

    WOW, published and now awarded!!!! You’d better go and walk the red carpet!!! Congrats, famous bro – love, barb

  2. Aunt Linda

    Congratulations Doug!! We are SO very proud of you and all that you have accomplished. I agree with Barb – you’d better head for NYC. Chris and Bea will be here with us so they won’t be able to go with you… Love, Aunt Linda

  3. Ron Baker

    Wow, not only a published author, but also an award winning one. Way to go, Doug!

  4. Dennis

    Congratulations DOUG!

    In the words of Robert DeNiro speaking to Billy Crystal in “Analyze This”

    You are good at this, very very good.

  5. Hayden

    Doug, you are amazing, I look forward to the reading as I will take this book onto the boat this summer. Congrats on your award!

  6. Michele

    Very impressive! I agree with everyone else; you and Steph need to go to NYC and soak it up…Congratulations on quite an accomplishment!

  7. Captain Kirk

    Hey Doug, congratulations and I plan to order the book.

    HOWEVER, rather than travel to the east coast I can allow you to walk my red shag carpet remnant that we kept after remodeling the “dated” decor from our little, Joshau Tree, desert vacation house. I can even supply a cadre of friends and some adult beverages to celebrate the event. The red carpet, adoring fans, and a awesome view oriented patio and well stocked fridge are at your disposal …..LOL!

    Way to go!

    Captain Kirk

  8. Bob Gramling

    Doug… We both know why you won. I’ve missed some of the recent blogs. Will catch up this weekend. I’m a bit at odds; I’ve given up a rally to work on the lawn! YEGODS! Best to you both. Bob

  9. Adam hackney

    I am going to go with a S*** Yea buddy. Wow, damn good job dad. Happy to hear you scored second place with no plan to do so. Can’t go wrong with that.

  10. Laurie Penwarden

    This is only the first! I emailed you about several other of your postings that I feel you should publish. You have MANY stories to write. LP

  11. Mike Larson

    Congratulations Doug. As with all previous posts, I am very proud to call you family. Keep up the wonderful work, and I hope you will consider attending the awards ceremony.