How Not To Do It

Check out this home page:

Tell me if you have a friggin’ clue what they do.

So, since it’s a huge mystery, you click on “about”

I don’t know that I’ve ever read anything that said so much but yielded so little. This is called the “Valley Effect,” where people spend so much time within the Silicon Valley and venture capital bubble, they develop their very own version of being on an intimate, first name basis with the bugs in the bark but are incapable of describing the forest. This is common in Silicon Valley and other startup clusters, but somewhat remarkable for Lijit considering they are in Boulder, Colorado.

At a loss, you finally click on the “Learn even more about Lijit…” link in an effort to do so

Ah! Finally a story a non buzz-word/buzz-concept-addled brain can identify with and understand.

Note to marketers and businesses: If your home page does not clearly state what you do, who you do it for and your differentiators, you are toast.