A Worthwhile Resolution

I spent my New Year’s Eve in a surgical suite.

Click here to learn how you can avoid the same fate: http://www.hackneys.com/docs/aworthwhileresolution.pdf

Happy New Year.

Now go get checked.


5 thoughts on “A Worthwhile Resolution

  1. Rick Wetzel

    Steph, and Doug,
    Thank you for a most important lesson, that I’m sorry you had to learn the hard way.
    Not having been one to be religious about using sunscreen in the past, it’s a wake up call for me.
    Guess it’s, really, pretty darn cheap insurance.
    Wishing you the VERY best for this coming new year of 2009, for each of you.
    Take Care you two-
    Rick Wetzel

  2. Ron Baker

    Steph and Doug,

    Wow, good lesson. My wife, Annes, and I have two daughters, now in their 40s with children. They, too, used to “lay out” in the sun to achieve a nice tan, in spite of our protests to the contrary. I wish we had had this wonderful photo essay to show them when they were college age. As usual, pictures are worth thousands of words. I’m happy to say that, so far, neither daughter have had to have any suspicious areas excised, but they’re always on guard because of long exposure to the sun as college students.

    Thanks for the graphic and revealing show. Happy new year to you and yours.

    Ron Baker

  3. Gene Wallace

    An eye opener, one very important. I wish you the very best and know that awareness is the most important. I myself have had two suspicious little things removed and tested over the past 5 or 6 years. All were benign thanks to the Good Lord.

    It was great pleasure to have met both of you not long ago. Jo and I wish you both the utmost best in the year 2009.

  4. Richard J Crespo

    Dear Friends

    Thank you so much for sharing your “Worthwhile Resolution” and a pristine fotographic approach that says it all. And we are glad this happened while you were back on the USA.

    We will pay a visit to the Doctor to be sure.

    Steph, Wishing you a full speedy recovery and also the very best in 2009 to the two of you
    as you continue with your global expedition.

    Warm Reards


  5. Steph

    Thanks to everyone for your well wishes. It is true, I was most definitely a sun worshipper and lover of a great tan. Unfortunately, I am now paying for the wonderful tan that was so important in my younger days. And now? Well, I can still get a nice tan…but it comes from a tube of self-tanner!

    Please wear sunscreen, EVERY DAY, and get annual check-ups from a dermatologist just to be safe.