Parallel Worlds


The tailcoat was electric blue, and being pressed up against the car, covered the window.
I’d seen something close to the tailcoat’s color in a peacock’s feathers, a shade less similar in a highland weaver’s threads, and a mild resemblance in the shimmering breast of a hummingbird flitting in and out of the sun, but that was as close as my last year’s memory could get to what smothered my field of view.
The tailcoat’s electric blue was a color not found in nature.
Before I could recoil, the tailcoat slid away, replaced by the smooth black silk of a top hat, which was even more disorienting that the electric blue coat.
The car door swung open and the doorman’s face appeared around it. In my disconnected state of mind, his dark skin, shaved head, large white teeth and broad smile created the aura of a voodoo priest assassin from an early James Bond adventure, beckoning me into his lair. 

His arm swept forward and he said, “Welcome. Please, this way…”

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3 thoughts on “Parallel Worlds

  1. Ron Baker

    Grandchildren are one of, if not the, best things to happen to middle-aged (or, if we can admit it, old) people.

  2. Joe

    Welcome back to Disney Land! I know this movie all too well, that you describe so well with your wonderful way of expression.