The Missing 12 Days of September

On the night of Wednesday, September 2nd, 1752, John Hackney closed his eyes and went to sleep. When he awoke to the dawn, it was Thursday, September 14th, 1752.

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3 thoughts on “The Missing 12 Days of September

  1. Avery Innis

    Excellent review of our calendar system and how we got there. I enjoy mechanics as a portion of my profession, but now my awareness of temporal mechanics and time measurement is enhanced.

    After all, one just needs a warp-capable starship (or a well equipped FUSO) to slingshot around the sun to retreat in time.

    Then we could avoid all of those pesky road hazards that cause broken brackets and flatted tires.

  2. Bob Gramling

    My congrats to Steph for driving the bus thru all the ah.. “obstacles” while you compose. Is this all for real? How do you assimilate all this info (specially that your ancestor was there? A letter? Carvings on a cave wall?) Not that I don’t believe you, but the history here is not usually just called up to memory. Hope this missive finds y’all both happy & healthy spiritually and physically. The pile in the garage is almost gone. Love, B&B

  3. Doug


    We’re doing great! Thanks for the good wishes. They are appreciated and effective.

    The history of John Hackney comes from the family history web site I built:

    I just went back through my family tree until I found my ancestor who was alive at the time the Gregorian calendar was implemented in the British Empire. His personal history regarding the founding of Friendsville was in our family archives.

    The time information was a mix of what I already knew and some fresh research. I am fascinated with time, so I collect information on it wherever we travel.

    Best to Bunny!

    Be well,