Instant Karma


“Instant karma’s gonna get you”
I grunted and rolled over, but the knocks came again. “Knock, knock, knock!” harder this time.
I crawled down out of the berth and checked the clock. “Hmmm, too early for Steph to be back from the market. I wonder who this is?” I thought.

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6 thoughts on “Instant Karma

  1. Avery Innis

    The best (and ignored) part of Doug’s story was the fact that Steph was at the market and missed the FUSO winch abuse.

    We all know, from secret emails, that Steph just keeps Doug around to clean and wash her FUSO while she ponders the next fine wine purchase.

    His sleepy, muddy abuse of her super-truck would not be well tolerated.


  2. Melody

    I can see you now, eyes shinning; and grinning like a child opening the biggest gift at Christmas with Steph watching it all. A smile just as large, but a look of pride in her eyes.

  3. Jim K aka Captain Kirk

    Doug and Ave, What is really proven here is a man cannot own too many winches, motorcycles or shotguns. One never knows when one may be called upon to winch some stuck traveler out of the muck. Way to go Doug!!!!

  4. pete king

    Well we all shine on..Indeed.
    Yet I have seen Doug pull stuff out of Dallas County, Ia. ditches with lot less winch.
    Keep building good Karma for us all.

  5. Terri Parker

    How we did shine on…Indeed. I agree with Pete’s comment. Great story Doug!

    Love to you and Steph,

  6. Bob Gramling

    Hey kids! Good on ya!
    Glad you had the fotos to prove it. GREAT story! I can imagine the growing concern towing a MB sideways. Probably twice the price of a custom Fuso. Sort of like the lion with the thorn….. Keep ’em comin, buddy.