The End of the World


54° 48.73′ S

We’ve reached the end of the world.

All is well.

We’re in Ushuaia, Argentina.

It’s the southernmost city in the world, located on the island of Tierra del Fuego (land of fire), off the southern coast of Argentina and Chile. It’s separated from the South American continent by the straight of Magellan.

We’re 6,810 miles / 10,960 kilometers from Adel, Iowa.

We’re 6,714 miles / 10,805 kilometers from Carlsbad, California.

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(All distances were calculated using Garmin MapSource and Garmin Worldmap V4.0. YMMV. )


15 thoughts on “The End of the World

  1. Gene Wallace

    I want you to know how much I appreciate reading of your travels. What an education.
    May you two be safe and may you be aware that you are very much appreciated. I look forward to your very informative communications.
    Gods speed!

  2. Melody

    I am so happy that the two of you are able to do this while you are young enough to enjoy the experiance and wise enough not to miss anything so small and wonderful as the very people who live there.

  3. Tom Thomas

    I’m plum whompered-jawed! That is a long way from home…. now can you navigate the land yacht through the Strait of Magellan?

    y’all be careful

  4. John Dawes

    Wow, you’re even further south than we went. Our furthest southern point was Puenta Areanas, Chile. Are you heading to Patagonia next? Safe travels…enjoy Summer!

  5. Avery & Sandra


    Congrads for making it to the “tip”. Can you see the edge of the Earth – any dragons beyond?

    Wish we were there too – but we’re enjoying a wetter than normal winter here – which means snow when we get up into the California mountains.

    Be careful, be well and keep the update coming!

    PS: We need MOTORCYCLE images!

  6. Lauren

    Barbara and I so much appreciate hearing about all your adventures. You don’t need to be reminded of how fortunate you are to be able to do this but, on the other hand, it takes special people to make this work. Thank you for sharing with all of us.

    I beleive there are no coincidences in life. I mean what are the odds that we meet you two where each of us was staying very briefly at an RV park in Arco, ID!

    God bless – be safe.

  7. kim Countryman

    Great picture…your valentine’s day looks joyful. Stay well. Thanks for letting us live vicariously.

  8. Bill and Chris

    WOW! Your adventures are inspiring. We want to op in “Bubba” and follow your trail. Keep writting, the Kitto’s

  9. Elke & Axel Simons

    Hey you 2 word travellers!

    Congratulations to your great trip. We saw something about this region months ago on TV. We are still in Colorado enjoying the snow! Have a save trip!

    Elke & Axel

  10. Luann Kline (Whitten)

    Never mind that we are knee deep in snow and below zero temps. Freezing our butts off. Take care and keep writing!

  11. pete king

    Thanks so much for the pictures. We are studying South America and the kids will love it.
    Remember that Jim in HUCK FINN got down the Mississippi with the frauds by portending to be the Emperor of Patagonia. We know who the kid is now.