The Gas Man


One of the challenges of world travel is procuring fuel.

Generally gasoline and diesel are not a problem unless you are in an area of spot shortages such as Patagonia, where we are now.
Propane, however, can be a problem. Because different countries use different physical couplings for dispensing the fuel and have different processes for doing so, some precluding direct contact with the fueling source, buying propane can quickly escalate into a Holy Grail worthy quest.

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4 thoughts on “The Gas Man

  1. John Dawes

    Doug, this is the most suspense filled story I’ve read from any source. You’re too good. Glad you got gas…..most of us would detest that statement! Safe travels!

  2. Jimmy Sones

    Doug, This was a VERY VERY exciting read….. I was right there sitting between you two in the cab…shifting my weight with ya’ll….the real hare and hound sensation!!!!


  3. Avery


    You should have seen the day in 2001 Doug chased down the old gas lady in Baja (south of Rancho Santa Veronica).

    I think she gestured he was “number one crazy” that day too!


    If you need supplies to spread cheer, let us know. We have a bunch of SEE’s candy gift certificates and other stuff burning holes in our pockets. I can also send a NOX kit so you can win your next “race”.

    Avery & Sandra