The Second Quest



One of the little known upsides of foreign travel is exposure to obscure movies subtitled in the local language.

We’re holed up in a hotel in Santiago, Chile, waiting for our expedition truck & motorcycles to arrive via ship in Valparaiso.
One of the ways we’ve been killing time is watching movies in the hotel room. We specialize in English language films while reading the Spanish subtitles to help us learn the language.
Steph stumbled onto a wonderful film yesterday titled “Un Segundo Intento” about three young English lads seeking adventure, fun, but mostly girls, on the Isle of Man in 1960.
Sound OK so far? Wait until you hear about the BSAs and Nortons they are riding. And the steam trains, inter-urbans and other things of English mechanical nature decorating the landscape.
The sequence of two of the guys chasing after a couple of young lovlies riding little two strokes down tiny Isle of Man twisting blacktops draped across the hills and vales like bands of black spaghetti is enough to melt your soul.
The original release English title was “The Second Quest.” It was a made for TV film and the second of a three part trilogy (aren’t they all?).
The films were:
The Second Quest – 2004
The Final Quest – 2004
I cannot confirm if the period motorcycles from The Second Quest are featured in any of the other films, but I guarantee if you’ve ever so much as looked twice at a 50’s British bike, you want to see this film.
Your challenge?
Find a copy of this film.
No motorcyclist will ever again be able to claim possession of a moto film collection without it.