Modern Girls Basketball

My father in law coaches girl’s basketball.

He’s done it ever since he started teaching after he retired from the Marines over 20 years ago.

He tried to sit out a season a few years back, but took the next assistant job offered to him during that year. He said he was going crazy just sitting around.

He’s coached for quite a few of the high schools in North San Diego County, from the biggest and most athletically dominant to the small and struggling.

Tonight I went to watch him coach this year’s team. It’s a tiny private school located very close to his home. It’s very small, about the size of the small town high school I attended in Iowa where
my graduating class was less than 100.

I took my camera along to have something to do while the game was being played.

As I watched the teams warm up, I wondered how different today’s game would be from that played by my high school’s girls basketball team, the state championship runner-up Adel Tigerettes.

Here’s what I learned about today’s version of girl’s basketball.

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