The Seekers

December 25, 2004

It took some time to get our tree this year. We had a couple of abortive attempts, but one or the other of us was just not in the mood.

Finally, a few weeks ago, we made the trek down to Home Depot and almost immediately found a beautiful Noble Fir. While the other shoppers in line were tense and edgy, repeatedly looking at their watches and checking their list of things yet to do and gifts yet to purchase, the two workers cutting the trees to size were cheerful and full of holiday spirit.

The Hispanic cutter, with little but his happy eyes and beaming smile showing through the sawdust, said a heartfelt “Merry Christmas” as he handed our tree to us. It was a good omen.

Steph had an idea for the tree. A simple design of lights, single color balls and ornaments made from things we’d collected in our exploration of the world this year. It was brilliant.

The lights went on quickly, followed by a background of gold balls. Next came the ornaments, carefully wrapped in tissue and carried back from the far corners of the world.

As I placed each ornament onto the canvas of fir, light and reflective gold, I was swept back to the places we’d been, the experiences we’d had, the adventures we’d survived, the people we’d met and in the spirit of this season, the many times we’d been touched by seekers of God.

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