Reddy Kilowatt


Here’s another closing of the circle.

Steph went pickin’ with our sister-in-law, Michele, last Saturday.

One of the things she found at the various antique and “treasure” shops they visited was the book Advertising Character Collectibles by Warren Dotz.

In the book she came across the entry for Reddy Kilowatt, a mascot used by the electrical utility industry.

I grew up with the Reddy Kilowatt.

We had Reddy Kilowatt ashtrays.

My grandfather wore a Reddy Kilowatt lapel pin on his suit.

Reddy went to church every Sunday with gramps.

Reddy was part of my early life, but faded away in the early 70’s.

I never knew where he came from or what became of him, until now.



Another circle closed.



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