The Weather in Austin

We’re currently living in Austin, Texas, USA.  We landed here upon returning to the U.S. because we owned a home here. We stayed because it met most of the criteria we were looking for in a place to live. It’s a great town, and we are enjoying exploring what it has to offer.

We often get asked what it’s like to live here, especially about the weather. We usually offer up a shorthand version such as, “Austin has real weather and three seasons. The summers are hot. It’s basically the flip side of living in Minneapolis, where during the winter you run from heated car to heated building. During the summer in Austin you run from air conditioned car to air conditioned building. The difference is that in Minneapolis during the winter if your car dies, you die too, whereas in Austin in the summer, if your car dies, you just melt.”

Our general advice is to visit anytime between Halloween and Memorial Day.

The local paper here in Austin today posted a summary of the 2011 weather year. This will give you the statistical picture of what the weather is like here.

Note that last year was exceptionally hot, with many records established, not the least of which was 90 days over 100 F (37.8 C). We also tied the all-time record high temperature of 112 F (44.4 C) and remain in a record drought.

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