One More Shot

On Saturday, 2 July, 2011 Steph decided to surprise me with a trip to witness the final space shuttle launch.

On Tuesday, 5 July, she told me about the trip by way of a hand-made book.


Read the rest of the story of the book and our trip to see the last shuttle launch here:



3 thoughts on “One More Shot

  1. Scot Mortier

    From space, you can see all of the places photographed by Doug! What a trip! What a great booklet! What a wonderful pair you two make!

  2. Scott Fisher

    Doug and Stephanie, Another enjoyable ride you’ve given us! Thanks to you both. Scott

  3. Larry Hardee

    What a blessing to have had the opportunity to meet you and witness this history making event with you! Thank you for being so kind to us and our grandson Jack. Candy & I really appreciated your kindness and hospitality to share your part of the parking lot/bank with us. And thank you for writing so eloquently what I feel and felt about the launch and the closing of this chapter of NASA. God Speed to you and Stephanie.

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