Steph’s Dr. Oz Video


Video clips of Steph’s segment on the Dr. Oz show:

Steph’s portion only:

Entire segment:

3 thoughts on “Steph’s Dr. Oz Video

  1. Steph


    Thanks for recording and posting the segment.

    It’s unfortunate that it was not more clear that I am still living with this condition, and did not have surgery as his comments “Let’s show everyone what you had done,” suggested when he walked me to the table. Until that day, no one, not one of my doctors, had ever suggested surgery as a solution. Believe me when I say I am intrigued with the idea of having surgery for this condition, and especially with the idea that I could have a better quality of life. I also was never told that I could die from this – that was an important part of the message he and the other doctor delivered.

    Thanks to everyone who has emailed and offered support. This was a tough, but valuable experience and I greatly appreciate the support shown by those who contacted me.


  2. Bob Smith

    This is Rosemarie, Bob Smith’s wife. My mom has lived with this as long as I can remember and has had the surgery. Do not think it will be a cure, in every case, it is not. My mom still has bloating, constipation and or diarrhea. There are foods that she just does not eat. Diverticulosis, I think, is an individualized thing. You may have already experimented with eliminating foods. It just occured to me that you may also have Celiac disease, gluten intolerance, which also causes abdominal distention. Test for Celiac is a biopsy of the small intestine. Take care..

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