The National Character

While researching the “Lessons From Saddam” post, I came across The National Security Archive of George Washington University.

The National Security Archive is a repository of information and documents, many obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. In short, it’s a collection of things some people in the U.S. Government wished nobody ever asked about and would have preferred to stay hidden under a rug.

As they say on their web site, “The Archive also serves as a repository of government records on a wide range of topics pertaining to the national security, foreign, intelligence, and economic policies of the United States.”

It’s a fascinating collection of documents and information that illuminate the inner workings of U.S. domestic and foreign policy.

You would, of course, assume its most popular documents relate to momentus events, decisions and resulting effects.

And you’d be wrong.

The most requested document from The National Security Archive is this:

Which I think says a lot about our national character.