Fishing Lessons

A friend of ours is starting a new business.

I recently spent a morning with the local fishermen, who had some things to teach those seeking business success.

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3 thoughts on “Fishing Lessons

  1. Avery Innis


    Thankfully, we’re “unique” so we’ll not end up as rusting skeletal remains on the motorcycle industry beach.

    Now we just need to overcome the lack of courage and charge the appropriate price.

  2. Ron Baker

    Hmmmm, am I the only person in the whole wide world who likes snakes and sharks, not to mention spiders, wasps, and scorpions? These guys always get bad press ’cause they bite, eat, and sometimes kill people. Throughout the years, I’ve encountered all of them, mostly in their habitat, where they are supposed to be and where I’ve been an interloper. Whenever I’m in their place of living, I always try to respect it and sort of ask their permission to be there – well, not really, of course, but I do try to rememeber that I’m a guest in their homes and try to act accordingly. It doesn’t always work, of course, but, except for a few stings, bites, and warnings, I’ve managed to escape serious injury. Anyway, it’s a shame that Asians and others truly like shark-fin soup, because this desire is decimating the shark population, and, to me, that’s really too bad. The world needs sharks.

  3. Joe Reardon

    Thanks again for the insight.
    I was expecting to see a tricked out fishing boat with twin Honda 150’s and a fisherman offering free coleslaw with each fish on the last page.