The Guide

Hello. My name is Iggy and I’ll be your guide today.


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2 thoughts on “The Guide

  1. Patty

    Greetings Doug & Steph:
    Okay, so I started out reading this post thinking this would be a great one to print for Trevor to share either with his class or with the Cub Scouts. Then I got to the mating season and the gang activity and realized it wasn’t going to work! Ha! I’ll have to wait for the rated G version — or at least save it for after we have had the “talk.” Hey, perhaps the pictures might work for that! Nah! Love ya, Patty

  2. Ron Baker

    Doug and Steph:

    Great photos of Galapagos wildlife, including the two-legged types with cameras. I especially like the shot of the tortoise with algae growing on it’s back. And, by the way, how does a boy tortoise tell it’s a girl tortoise? Hmmmm, I guess it’s their secret and I doubt if they’ll share it with us two-legged animals.

    Ron Baker