What You Know – True or False

Is what you know true?

Is what you believe to be true actually, in fact true?

Click here to find out some of the answer: www.hackneys.com/docs/trueorfalse.pdf


9 thoughts on “What You Know – True or False

  1. Craig B

    OK, I’m going along with some of this, but transportation costs, when you remove natural gas and go with Oil, the U.S. consumes roughly 14M barrels a day out of the 22M barrels imported. And in 2007 the U.S. imported ~3.6B barrels and used roughly ~8B barrels ~ 45%
    And sugar ethanol is a farce too. If you want to look into possibilities, look into biodiesel from algae and bio-butanol. corn ethanol is political. using food for fuel is bad science (BS)and Brazil imported petroleum in 2006, 7, and 8. But hey, I spent half a semester uncovering biofuels for my master’s degree.

  2. Patty


    I will confess, I went straight to the answers and read each of them with enthusiastic interest. I didn’t see the point in “guessing” when the facts were presumably listed on the following pages. I applaud your conclusions, however, that so much of what we hear or read as “truths” are often based on the bias (although not necessarily with intentional deceipt) of the source. It is my problem with partisan politics, in general. Like you, I believe we as a people can accomplish great things if we fight each other less and instead work together to look for meaningful solutions that accomplish the objectives. Ah…now there is my naiveté showing… we may not all be working toward the same objectives… Hmmm! Thanks for sharing the book title. I will add its purchase to my lengthy “to do” list! Love to you and Steph! Patty

  3. Jaime

    That was an interesting quiz! I never knew that metal detectors don’t really detect metal!
    I do have to say, I’m glad for my dad sending me the facts of the news, I only got about 1/7 of the answers wrong!
    Thanks for the book suggestion, I’ll have to go and buy it sometime!!

  4. Robert Nussbaum

    We should add to our knowlege of global warming by learning about the creation of our planet, the forming of the oceans (where did the water come from) and what natural events cause the reduction of greenhouse gasses. As our planet has undoubtedly been through many ice ages, it has also been through many “hot” ages. Why is there oil in Alaska and Siberia and the North Atlantic? Evidently it was warm there before…
    And yes, if both sides of an argument are not presented acuratly and fully, data is suppressed or omitted, it makes me think “snake oil”. Proud to say I only missed one. :). See you in California soon if you are there.

  5. Melody

    Oi! 27 wrong out of 63. 57% correct…crud. I think I got a D. 🙁 guess I best start reading more news and less “fun” stuff…or I could just simply read more and mess around less. Yeahhhh I think I like that idea. 🙂

  6. Bob Gramling

    BOY! Did I screw that up! Printed out the ??s and even cheated a little by looking at my personal records re: dates etc. Even with a 50/50 chance of getting the correct answer, (sort of) I was about 65% correct! Promise to pay more attention in the future. No, really. Hope you guys are safe and sound and in good spirits. More later, Bob
    p.s. The temp in Minneapolis is not expected to go above zero F tomorrow, and International Falls set an all time low yesterday. Br-r-r-r!

  7. Gene Wallace

    I’m rather proud of my answers considering I got 80%. I must say some were educated guess’s and some I answered wrong certainly were based on what I have been told to believe. Rest assured I’ll have the book of my own to read. Thank you for an “eye-opener”.

  8. Tricia Marshall

    Really surprised at some of the answers! Though I wasn’t blind sighted on global warming. The media tends to miss lead on some topics, thank goodness for wonderful programs such as National Geographic. Very interesting!!