Vote Today – Free Coffee


Today, 4 November, 2008, is Election Day in the United States of America.
If you are eligible to vote, it is your chance to cast a ballot to determine the elected representatives of the citizens of the U.S. for the next two to six years.
We are currently in an area of the world where elected presidents and governments are often swept out of office by street mobs before completing their terms, presidents-for-life often rule until they are killed or die, and constitutions are rewritten at whim.
We have been in many countries where the people had no right to vote at all; or had only one party and/or only the ruling party’s hand picked candidates for whom to vote.
1.3 billion people in China, 19.4% of the world’s population, lack the opportunity to cast a vote in a democratic election. If you add up the rest of the countries where people can’t vote or who can only cast meaningless votes, the total would be at least half the world’s population.
You are one of the very lucky humans alive today who can effect some measure of outcome on those who rule your country, your state, your community, your family and yourself. The people you vote for today will determine your present, your future and the future of your children and grandchildren.
For these reasons alone, I urge you to vote today.
And, even if you are like these two guys—
“If God wanted us to vote, He would have given us candidates.” – Jay Leno.
“Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.” – Ronald Reagan
—I can still give you a reason to vote today.
Walk into any Starbucks with proof of voting today and you will receive a free large coffee.
So there. Free coffee. You now have no excuse for not exercising your right and opportunity to participate in your democracy.
And besides all that, if you don’t vote, you are ineligible to bitch for the next four years.
Participate in your future.
Participate in your democracy.
Please vote.
PS – Remember that even if you are not registered, you can go to your polling station and cast a provisional ballot.

9 thoughts on “Vote Today – Free Coffee

  1. Avery Innis

    Ditto (no slant intended) Doug’s comments. This is the day were we get to help steer the ship – we must vote.

    Don’t let your disdain for the thoughts of others, the complaints that some voting processes are broken, or the polls pointing toward a certain outcome keep you from stepping up to cast your mark.

    In 1948 Harry Truman’s presidential campaign looked dead. Scorned by his own party, as a hard-nosed maverick no less, a vote for Harry looked to be a wasted vote.

    However, Truman had actually connected with the common man better than the media experts and the pollsters realized. He won the election against all odds and went on to become an effective and beloved president, stepping out of the shadow of FDR.

    National offices aside, many local offices and referendums will greatly affect you and your community – so make your mark there too.

    And make sure you go easy on the sugar in your coffee, you don’t want to get too wound up watching the election results tonight.

  2. Steph

    Actually, you don’t even have to “prove” you voted to get te free coffee, but it would be shameful to scam on such a generous offer, much less to not exercise the privilege so many others only wish they had. Please VOTE (even if your vote cancels mine out! :)).

  3. Richard


    Great comment, I know it’s a fact, few scamers will be around town from coffee shop to coffee shop getting their fix on free coffee, even if they don’t vote.

    What it reaaly matters is the honest people that cast their votes because we believe in a democracy. We must protect the future of our children and God willing will be an honest and decent one, “marked by moral integrity, kindness, and goodwill.”

    Best wishes to you Steph & Doug

    Rich and Fam

  4. gary

    got my vote in and I will probably start bitching tomorrow. Can bitch now because I wouldn’t be caught dead in one of the Starbucks. They can take their overpriced product and go somewhere else (not mention I don’t like coffee.)
    I even refused to take one of the “I voted stickers.” In my book our tax dollars paid for that sorry piece of paper. We have higher priorities like raising Congressional pay.
    How’s that?

    The Outlaw

  5. Patty

    It might be a rumor but someone also mentioned free donuts at Krispy Creme too! Is this a great country or what!

    Good to hear from you Hackneys and happy to know you are still plugged in to all that is happening here! Hugs and Kisses! Patty

  6. Joe

    The free coffee, donuts and American people have spoken! We are United Americans & “Yes We Can” make this country and world a better place. Congratulations to everyone who voted.

    -Warm Regards to you, Doug & Steph
    Joe B.

  7. Adam Hackney

    Carrie and I both went to vote having registered about 2 months ago. It felt good casting a vote. I knew ahead of time the independent I wanted to vote for were unlikely to win but I wanted to cast my vote for the people I wanted in office, not who I wanted to win or just based on fear. Happy to be able to make the choice.