Hello, my name is Doug, and I am a stuff-o-holic.

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5 thoughts on “Stuff-o-holic

  1. Avery Innis

    After a long, long time I’ve begun to ignore the siren song of “this is cool, let’s get it”.

    Drawing the line getting an off-site storage space I just got the big roll of photo back-drop paper and the eBay march will now begin.

    If it fails to move, it’s either going to charity or the landfill.

    Everything is game, except the big TV.


  2. Bob Gramling

    Welcome to the club! I have only recently become aware of the importance of these numbers (i.e. sq.ft. We went from 1400 to 980 and cannot believe how much a difference a 20 X 20 space could be. Cannot imagine YOUR reduction, even giving away and selling all you did. See earlier e-mail for kudos. Love B&B

  3. jim Kirkland


    Surely there is an exemption for the number of motorycles one owns if they are to be included in the definition of “Stuff” LOL