Updated Route Map

I updated our expedition route map to reflect our recent camp sites. 

I also added elevation data to the info window for each waypoint.

The expedition route map is located here: http://www.hackneys.com/travel/index-routemap.htm

Please note:

  • To view the information for a camp site waypoint, click on the waypoint marker to open the info window.
  • Most waypoints have photos. To view a larger photo click on the thumbnail in the info window.
  • The route map requires a current version browser, e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0, current version of Firefox, etc. 
  • There are a couple of places you will need to zoom all the way in to see our multiple camp sites in that location, specifically Cusco and Ollantaytambo, Peru. It is best to use map mode for zooming all the way in.
  • To see our actual track (the physical route we took from camp site to camp site) download the GPX format file of our tracks and open them in Google Earth or any GPS application. Our tracks are here: http://www.hackneys.com/travel/index-gpssawaypoints.htm