Line Ball



The Nazca Lines are located in southwest Peru near the modern-day city of Nazca.

They were created by the Nazca culture, who flourished there between 200 B.C.E. and 600 C.E. During those 800 years, the Nazca created a complex of lines and geometric, animal, plant and human shapes on the Pampa Colorada (“Coloured Plain,” or “Red Plain”). The lines and shapes extend over an area of nearly 190 square miles / 500 square kilometers.
Up to now, no one has been able to discern with certainty the cultural purpose and use of the shapes.
But, after flying over them, I think I’ve got it figured out.

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7 thoughts on “Line Ball

  1. Bob Gramling

    You are amazing. Traveling the world as you both are, and still able to balance the logic of an engineer/scientist with the imagination of a child. I love it!

  2. Kent

    Hey Doug,
    Good hypothesis on ‘line ball.’ You may have something there. I’ll remember that you said it first. For me the use of B.C.E distracts from your excellent story and insight.
    Safe travels for you and Steph.


  3. Ron Baker

    As my friend Kinky Friedman said while running for the governor of the state of Texas in 2004, “Why the hell not?”

    For what it’s worth, his run was unsuccessful

  4. leslie graney

    It makes sense to me, the look of organised sports fans is timeless. The ecomony is in the tank, but the sports page is fatter than ever.
    Thanks for your stories.

  5. Melody

    Those were so very cool. To see them like you two are would be wonderful. Good job you two and safe traveling!

  6. Terri Parker

    I think you’ve got it Ole Boy! Your theory actually make the most sense to me, especially the man on the mountain theory!

    Who cares about B.C., B.C.E, C.E….all our times are in His hand anyway!