Weavers 2.0


The 22 highland weavers of Patacancha, Peru received payment for goods sold today. Their efforts to revitalize and maintain the skills of the ancient craft were rewarded with a small percentage of the millions of tourist dollars that annually flow through the sacred valley into Machu Picchu.
After receiving payment, discussing new products and anticipated market needs, they negotiated for the types of weavings required to meet market demand and the wholesale prices for those products. The weavers were efficient members of a smoothly functioning market.
Things had not always been so.

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8 thoughts on “Weavers 2.0

  1. Ron Baker

    Doug and Stephanie:

    The story of the weavers is illustrative of many things. I’m glad that Ms. Leavens came on the scene to at least improve the lives of the weavers. The impact of the modern world on old cultures is complex–that is, some of the impact is good, some is bad, and some has little, if any, affect at all.

  2. Steph

    Thanks for telling this story, Doug. Again, well written and informative.

    What an amazing day we had there, huh?! I could not think of a better project to be involved in, and I so enjoyed meeting the women and their kids. Kennedy and Miguel are to be commended for their dedication, and their sincere desire to make this a successful endeavor…while “listening” to the community and their leaders. After all, who knows better than those who will benefit most what they truly need vs. what we all want to give.

  3. leslie

    Another inspiring tale. Your stories have become the highlite of my days in front of my computer. The plots are simple and keep us reading, the pictures always leave us wanting to see more and the lessons learned are so universal as to lend meaning to my days even here in San Diego. THANKS HEAPS for your insights and diligence to weave humanity with such lovely colors.

  4. Joe

    Very nice comment from Leslie!

    Again, Doug and Steph, thank you for your stories and insight. As with Leslie, I look forward to your stories and adventures. Your observations are so succinct and instep with my experiences and feelings while traveling and living around the world. The gringo example close to you & I in Baja comes to mind as I read this article. The “here is what we think they need attitude” without asking the local people is all too familiar while living in Mexico.

    Again, thanks for sharing your experiences in such interesting details. Please know that a part of my life spirit is sent out to you both.

  5. Jimmy Sones

    Ah yes, the “good intentions backfire” sometimes it goes in such a poor direction….


  6. Lauren

    Doug & Stephanie ….. Words cannot express Barbara’s and my – and I am sure countless others – appreciation of your storytelling and photography. Such talent.

    I guess it was meant to be that we happened to be at the RV park in lovely Arco, ID on July 6, 2007 for the night you two stayed over on your shakedown. We treasure having met you and your sharing with us you wonderful adventure.

    Be safe – no more coming down almost vertical on mountain roads in the dark!


  7. Hayden

    What a fantastic story, again, your perspective is like none other. If only more people in the world would approach life like you two do, it would be a better world. The giving pictures project is really a great idea, and anyone can follow that model. Thank you once again for expanding my horizons…
    Hayden, home after teaching and working with HS students in PA…