Sweet Sixteen

The air was so thin our breaths came in deep, raspy gasps.
The wind whipped us with frigid blasts direct from Antarctica.
The sun was setting.
We knew then we left our base camp too late.
We’d already climbed thousands of feet but were short of our goal.
We were running out of light and were still not there.
Then Steph started having chest pain and difficulty breathing. My first thought was high altitude pulmonary edema, but I didn’t say so.

 Click here for the rest of the story: http://www.hackneys.com/travel/peru/docs/sweetsixteen.pdf


7 thoughts on “Sweet Sixteen

  1. Hayden

    WOW, you guys are amazing…we love reading about your adventures and travels. Here we are in Rock Hall, MD aboard a boat reading about this climb. Congrats you “teenagers”

  2. Melody

    So glad you guys made it there and back safely. Steph great taste there lady! I agree, all bow before the wonderful mac and cheese inventor! 🙂

  3. donnie glenn

    Just thought I’d let you know Indiana Jones has nothing on you two. Take care, Donnie Glenn

  4. Dick Harris

    17 miles in 49 minutes – WOW!
    My next door neighbor is a Komatsu mechanic and has been telling about working on BIG trucks on the mountain tops near here. These coal mine sites usually have three, two to work and one down for maintenance.
    Am enjoying your blogs.

  5. Bob G

    Been on a fews weet 14’s (Evans, Pikes, Washington etc.) All well and good. I’m proud and envious, but your GPS shows 831kph ?? Doug, old friend, that’s about FIVE HUNDRED MILES AN HOUR! Did you take a plane there?? More later re: Bun and my lodging woes.

  6. The Mayor

    Doug and Steph,

    We’re planning the Sweet Corn Festival for this coming week-end… who’s gonna take the shower picture!!! We’ll miss you guys this year.

    The Mayor.