Just Ask


10:15 AM

I was sitting at the table outside the gas station using their WiFi to finish our monthly finances when I first noticed it.
It was something on the underside of the truck. It looked like we picked up a branch somewhere and it hooked underneath with the end towards the back of the truck hanging down.
“Funny,” I thought. “Neither of us saw anything on our walk around yesterday morning before we left the beach. We weren’t in any brush there or since.”
I closed my laptop and walked out towards the truck. The closer I got, the more it did not look like a branch.
I reached the side, bent down and examined it.
No, it wasn’t a branch.
It was my worst nightmare.

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8 thoughts on “Just Ask

  1. Keith Hackney

    Once again, your Grandfather would be extremly proud of you to think of carrying a vise with you !!!!!! Why is just one end breaking?


  2. Gene Wallace

    Tell you what———–I read ‘Just Ask’ this morning while having my first cup of coffee. I started reading and read to the end, looked at the photos and the coffee got cold because your “Just Ask’ had my attention and could not stop reading after I had started..

    My most sincere thanks.

    You both are great people!

  3. Melody

    Good job! Hopefully you will be able to make it without another bracket breaking. 🙂

  4. Jimmy Sones

    Doug, suggestion; have an exact duplicate bracket made soon as possible……. then the original bracket will not break again cuz it knows if it breaks it will be replaced and not be able to go along for the ride….. how bout dat for logik ! ?


  5. Adam Hackney

    Oh my god, now that is hilarious but an excellent story. I get that alot as well because as a cable guy when I am not busy I pick a part of street in the shade and just read the paper waiting for work. Every so often people will come by and ask me a question or ask me to look at something for them.

    It’s actually wierd to me, it’s wierd that people will do that. Too often people don’t work up the courage for some reason to do so. Another amazing day of learning and traveling.

  6. Bob G

    Once again you show us all how to connect. The masters of turning a problem into an adventure. I was able to relate at many points, specially, having been there, the male rituals, nevermind the language. Your posting shows your collective resources and ingenuity. Hope the brace is “cured”. Bob G
    p.s. Still got that Chevy??

  7. Avery Innis

    As you have tried to teach me for decades – courage to know when to ask “for the sale”.

    Well done.

    Thankfully for us, your command of English exceeds 25 words.