Fuso Units

Those of you who remember the post “
How Big is Big” will remember that we try to express size in units other than arbitrary measures such as meters or feet.
Today’s example uses units of Fuso.
Yesterday we found something that was at least two Fuso units high. It made the Fuso look not so big.
 The rest of the story is here: www.hackneys.com/travel/chile/docs/fusounits.pdf


9 thoughts on “Fuso Units

  1. Gene Wallace

    Thanks very much for the great material. I do very carefully look and read usually in the evenings when I am trying to wind down. No one ever told me someone could have so many things to do. More so having POA and Executer duties for two different ladies, both widows, one my aunt. It is incredible.

    The best to you both.


  2. Bob G

    Doug/Steph: Glad you’re still out there and that your imagination is still intact. I’m still measuring things in either bike lengths or 500 mile days. Bob

  3. AuMiller

    Wow from Arizona………………My husband enjoyed these pics for sure. You are really on a long trip. Love receiving all your pics. Your Dad and Shirley are coming to play cards tomorrow!!!!! Pat and Frank

  4. Jeff H

    In 1982 a highly touted recruit from Minnesota reported to the University of Iowa campus hoping for a fruitful collegiate and, ultimately, professional basketball career. Soon after his first few scrimmages and games on the Hawkeye roster this rangy forward/center earned a nick name that hadn’t been challenged until I opened this post. Brad “Low Dog” Lohaus. Nice hang time Steph!

    We must dedicate some effort to finding a suitable “call sign” associated Steph’s leaping abilities.

    Be safe, looking forward to seeing you soon.

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