Lightroom Edit Capture Time XMP vs. EXIF

– Lightroom (LR) 1.4.1 and 2 Beta
– Any file that is edited using Metadata:Edit Capture Time
(Note: detail info below may be helpful to those seeking to understand date/time problems/issues with LR and other tools)

LR allows editing/offsetting of image capture time via the “Metadata:Edit Capture Time” menu option.

Changing the time in LR alters the following EXIF date/time metadata fields as displayed in LR:
– Date Time Original
– Date Time Digitized
– Date Time

Writing the LR metadata to the image file via the “Metadata:Save Metadata to File” command writes the values into the image’s relevant EXIF and XMP date/time metadata fields.

LR writes the correctly edited times into the XMP date/time metadata fields but writes incorrect times into the EXIF date/time metadata fields.

LR uses XMP date/time metadata fields for its displayed time data, not EXIF date/time metadata fields. As a consequence, the user does not know the EXIF time fields have been incorrectly changed unless they check them in a tool that displays or uses the EXIF date/time metadata fields.

Use a batch file based on exiftools to copy the LR edited XMP date/times into the EXIF date/time metadata fields. 

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