Rare Rewards

The rewards of travel are many.
Some are small and some are big.
And some rewards, the rarest rewards, are both at the same time.

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3 thoughts on “Rare Rewards

  1. cj soliz

    I am happy evyerything has worked out for both of you I enjoy getting new pics.May God continue to be with you and bless on your trip.Send more pics

  2. Steph

    I can testify that Doug was definitely in a state of euphoria while eating the uni – especially in that first photo where he was treated to it right from the sea below the deck on which that crate stood. It was the happiest I had seen him in a long time!

  3. Terri Parker

    O.k. I’ve never heard of uni and I’ve never been able to get myself to try sushi, but my husband really likes it. I bet he’d really like unit too! You know Doug, I almost thought I could taste it! Be safe and blessed!