Route Map Update



I updated the route map to include photos and comments for every waypoint after 2 December 2007.

Basically, this means that almost every waypoint since we left San Diego for South America now includes a photo of the camp site and a comment.

Click here for the route map:


2 thoughts on “Route Map Update

  1. Hayden Cochran

    Doug: I have been following since you searched for an Island Packet. Fantastic trip.

    Can you write an article on how you are doing the GPS coordinates loading into google maps and then also how you are adding the pictures? Is it as simple as an email sent to the maps with coords? How cool. I am placing points on our map by hand. See

    You are amazing with all you have accomplished and your world travels!


  2. Doug


    Great to hear from you! I trust you, the crew and the IP are doing great! Still wish I was out on the water with you. 8^)

    I will put up a post on how I’m doing the maps.

    I wish you fair seas and following winds.

    Be well,