Best New Photo Gear

For this trip I left my trusty Manfrotto carbon fiber tripod at home.

I wanted to get a tripod that was better designed for low shots, but I wanted to stay within the Manfrotto family so I could continue to use the quick release clamp system.

I ended up with Manfrotto 055XProB legs, which are working really well.

They are aluminum, so heavier than the carbon fiber, but the quick change mechanism that swaps from vertical to horizontal column alignment in seconds is worth the penalty.

I’m still using the Manfrotto 322RC2 head. It is marginal for a Pro size body. Even with the friction control set to max I can’t use it for a vertically framed shot with the strobe or  long lens. It is at its limits shooting horizontals with the long L series lenses. The upside is its instant framing and adjustment capability, which I very much prefer.