The Road to Ushuaia


Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost city in the world, is more than a place on the map, it is a symbolic destination that becomes a Life List goal for many people. Young backpackers flock here to punch their ticket, retirees use it as a jumping off point for their dream trip to Antarctica, sailboat circumnavigators stop in on their way to or from Cape Horn, European overlanders have turned it into a must-attend Christmas and New Year’s gathering and motorcyclists hold a Pan American Highway run in very high regard. In short, world travelers’ journeys are not complete without a “been there” Ushuaia pin, sticker, patch, or for some, tattoo.  

To get here, people often do extraordinary things. Men, women and families scrimp, save and sacrifice for years to enable their grand journey down the Americas to Ushuaia.
And to get here, people come by extraordinary means. When the goal is to get to Ushuaia, whatever it takes is the rule of the day.

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3 thoughts on “The Road to Ushuaia

  1. Jimmy Sones

    SO how would one pronounce the name of this destination if one desired to make the attemt at the pronuciation?
    You-shoo-ay-ee-ah ?

  2. George Siede

    So, what kind of reaction do you get from the Germans when they check out your high tech rig?


  3. Carson Park Ranger

    If you drive north from Punta Arenas, Chile to Puerto Natales, there’s a ferry which goes north through the straits (an unforgettable journey) to Puerto Mont. From there you can drive through Osorno, Valdivia and up the west coast.