Gadget of the Week


This week’s gadget of the week is the Celestron Sky Scout Steph gave me for my 50th birthday.

A couple of days ago we were camped up in the Andes on a moonless night and I pulled it out to show her how it worked. We stayed up most of the night and burned through about 3/4 of a set of AA batteries.

It’s an incredible device that locates itself on the planet via GPS and them employes very sensitive magnetic sensing, an optical sighting path and a built in database to locate and describe all the stars in the heavens.

The niftiest feature is built in audio tracks for the most popular and dominant starts.

Very, very highly recommended, even if you are not fascinated by the universe and our place in it.

When Steph gave it to me she wrote on the card, "If I could pull the stars from the heavens, I would."

This little gadget  will unlock the mysteries of the heavens for you.