Green – Green – Green

In NASCAR parlance, we’ve come off the red and out of the yellow.

We are Green – Green – Green.

Currently south of Santiago about 100 miles, camped for the night.

We are on our way to Ushuaia, Argentina – the southernmost city and the southernmost roads on the planet.

At the Jumbo in Viña del Mar provisioning for the trip. Please, no Dumbo at the Jumbo jokes. Our Fuso is very sensitive about her weight.




22 thoughts on “Green – Green – Green

  1. Ron Baker

    Rats. I was gonna make a Dumbo joke, but, in deference to your gallant vehicle’s sensitivity (not to mention your own), I’ll not do so.

    Meanwhile, have a great trip, be safe, and keep your powder as dry as possible.

    Hasta luego,


  2. sissy

    Or as they say – boggety, boggety, boggety. Hope the old boy can get up to speed and make all the corners. Be safe and stop to smell the roses!!!!

    love, sissy

  3. Tara

    Congratulations! I know you’ve worked toward this for a long time 🙂 Take it all in. Thanks for taking us along for the journey – I love seeing through your new and improved eyes. love to you both!

  4. Jan R

    Your travel logs are fantastic! Thank you for sharing them with us less adventurous ones! All the best to you both….Jan, Bigfoot Owners Club President

  5. Doug


    Thank you very much for your support. It makes a big difference out here!

    Joe – The Fuso is like new, or as new as we’ll know until we hit some rain and test the door seal. The camper passes the 15 foot test. The cover is stored on the cab roof rack.

    be well,

  6. Adam Hackney

    Good to know your moving along alright. Load up on the tasty things. Good luck on the roads down there. What was repaired on the rig? It looks alright in that shot.

  7. Terri Parker

    I’m so excited and happy for you! I agree with the post that thanked you for taking us along with you, I just love it! Absorb it all, try everything you can yet be safe. I love you both and will be praying for you all.


  8. George Siede

    I just caught up to your blog of the trip – Great to read of your travels – dark alleys and crushed campers! That cafe was an example of why we travel.

    Especially glad to see that the crushed truck is now a story to tell and not a show stopper.


  9. tony Donna

    Fantastic News. Just so glad to hear that your again traveling the roads of your dreams. Be safe and enjoy.


  10. Scott Fisher

    Doug, Great to hear you’re on your way, good luck, look forward to following your travels. Lynn and I are planning a little less adventureous trip, a two week camping trip to the Grand Tetons National Park and Yellowstone for some white water down the Snake River and fly fishing. Take care, Scott

  11. Tom Thomas

    Be safe and travel wisely. Remember, it is better to travel than to arrive. We are very excited about following your adventures while sitting at this desk annually traveling around the sun.

    Buen viaje & be safe
    Tom & Marie

  12. Patty

    Doug & Steph:

    Our hearts and spirits are with you on your journey. Spread some positive energy as you touch new places that will have been made better for the two of you having passed through.

    Love ya,

    Patty, Ron & Trevor

  13. Scot & Shirley

    Only one more thing to do…pop that ‘Beatles’ tape/CD into your rig and start singing “The Two of US.”

  14. Melody

    Wow! As always I am so glad for the two of you. May it be more fun then I think it is 😉