Mystery of the Universe

File this one under: Mystery of the Universe

When we opened up the camper on the docks here in Valparaiso only one thing was out of place.

Our wine opener, a heavy, boxed SrewPull, was on the floor. The door on the cupboard it fell out of was latched closed. But that wasn’t the mystery.

We weren’t surprised to see only the wine opener out of place. Prior to opening the camper door we were pretty confident things would be in good order.

The reason we were confident was this:

I left that bottle of water there when I put the cover on the rig in Round Rock, TX.

That nearly empty bottle of water traveled, upright, from Round Rock (1st suburb North of Austin) to the docks in Houston, onto the ship, across the Gulf of Mexico, through the Panama Canal, down the Pacific coast of South America, into the docks of Valparaiso, through the destructive crane lift off the ship onto the docks and into receiving storage.

Remember that four screws and a screwdriver rode on the other end of this bumper for over 75 miles of rough mountain roads during our test loop.

We think the Bigfoot bumper must be some type of special warp in the space time continuum where gravity is both suspended and extended.

But, regardless of how it worked, it is definately a Mystery of the Universe.


One thought on “Mystery of the Universe

  1. sissy

    do dah do dah do dah do dah………
    Hope you can get the star trek theme in mind!!!!!
    So the crane operator was steady handed it was just the fools that hooked the thing up I assume!!!!