Hackney Travel Update – 7 October, 2007

Following is an update on what we’ve been up to lately.

Web Site Upgrade Project
The updates to our travel website are complete. The changes were mostly architectural and behind the scenes, but you will notice some new capabilities and new content.
Highlights include:
  • Darker background for easier reading
  • Drop down, fly-out menus
  • Site map for those (like me) who hate drop down, fly-out menus
  • Subscription based email distribution list system (which I used to send you this message)
  • Blogs for Steph and I
  • New photo storage and presentation system including eCard and photo printing services
  • Slide shows of popular photo content
  • New home page design
  • Google maps integration for “Been There” and our current trips
  • Major server upgrade
New content includes:
  • Why (answers the common question of why we’re doing this)
  • FAQs for the web site, Fuso BEV expedition vehicle, general travel and international motorcycle travel
  • How to create better digital travel photographs
  • Books, including the famous Desert Island Book List, and “have read” and “queued to read” lists for Steph and I
  • Video – inventory of our DVDs
  • Giving Back – new section on our service mission of Giving Pictures
  • Media Coverage – all the places we’ve been in the news
  • About Us – updated content for each of us and a whole raft of Doug trivia on my blog’s About Me section
  • Help – help topics for the web site
Our travel web site address is: http://www.hackneys.com/travel/index.htm
Recent Travels

We’ve spent the last four months testing out our expedition vehicle. We’re on the home stretch now and expect to be shipping it out for South America in about a month.

The page for this trip, including route map, test results data, writing and photography is:http://www.hackneys.com/travel/index-2007-trips.htm