What’s to Fear?

What’s to Fear? 

I’ve met few Americans and practically no Europeans who have any big concerns about China. 

Americans are generally much more concerned about procuring another credit card so they can go buy more stuff than they are about what is happening out in the world, especially with a country so far away and foreign as China. Europeans are almost entirely consumed with finding a way to herd the cats of the nations of the European Union (EU) into a unified state, and have little time for Asian concerns when there’s German dominance and the Premier League Championship to worry about. 

With the Islamic world vacillating between battling for its soul with the Islamists and blaming the non-Islamic world for all its troubles and sub-Saharan Africa busy dying of AIDS, there really aren’t many outside of Asia paying much attention to the Chinese these days. 

That suits China just fine, since they’ve been busy quietly sucking up 33 to 60% of the world’s construction materials, becoming the world’s second largest consumer of oil, dominating world manufacturing, accumulating $470 billion USD in foreign currency reserves, growing their economy at between 7 and 9.5%, finding jobs for over 150 million under- and un-employed workers, increasing exports at over 20% annually, and in short, completing the next step of their internal agendas and preparing for their global coming out party with the 2008 Olympics. 

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